Handblown Glass French Antique Truffle Preserving Jars.

     These rare ‘Truffle Jars’ are in superb condition. To me this bocal could be a piece of modern Scandinavian handblown glass. It was intended as a simple utilitarian object when made.  These very old French preserving jars are difficult to find. These have no cracks or chips and are in a beautiful variations of green/brown. These ‘bocals’ would have been handblown in the late 1700s to early 1800s and were used to preserve various food items, in particular truffles. Now these jars are just wonderfully beautiful decorative objects that have somehow miraculously survived unbroken for around 2 centuries! They are lovely placed where the light shines through them. Again no cracks or chips…but with lots of the sought-after seeds or bubbles and ripples in the glass and pontil marks to the base. Because of their handblown nature each jar is unique!

    £170 each

    Small: 26 cm

    Mid: 30 cm

    Large: 33 cm

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